My Story in Brief
I didn't discover my passion for helping others achieve wellness until starting my own journey in 2013 thanks to a diabetes prevention study partnered with Weight Watchers.  Since then I have reached my goal weight, losing 110 lbs in about 21 months.  I now strive to guide others on their paths to reach their own reasonable wellness goals.

Visit the blog to follow my adventures.
Wellness Strategy Session
Are you interested in working with me but want to see what Wellness Coaching is all about first?  Schedule your free 30-minute Wellness Strategy Session.  We'll discuss your wellness goals and I'll leave you with a strategy or tip to work towards one goal over the next week.
Schedule Session
Brand New Me Wellness Coaching Programs
With 1:1 Coaching I work with you to begin your journey to your brand new healthier self. Coaching is done in person, on the phone, or online. The programs include:
Wellness Assessment
Assess your current wellness situation, identify changes you feel you need to make, and discover why change is important to you.
Develop your personal vision of what you want your life to look like, identify any obstacles for change and assist you to develop strategies to overcome them.
Set SMART weekly and monthly goals.
(1 hour)
Weekly Coaching
Assess how you're doing and help you refocus if  you are going off track.
Set new weekly goals and/or strategies to help meet your goals. (30-45 minutes)

Nutritional Guidelines
General information to follow.
Food audit to see what to swap or add.
Portion control.
Deciphering food labels.
Tracking what you eat.
Menu planning.
Fitness Plans
Based on your preferences, abilities, and schedule.
Personal Development
Recommended reads.
Self care activities.
Group Support
All programs also include unlimited access to me within the Brand New Me Healthy Living Community on Facebook as well as by email.
KISS THIS is a 30 day jumpstart program designed for those who are returning to their healthy living journey or need help getting through a plateau.

WEEK 1:  We look at what you can change in your nutrition.

WEEK 2:  We look at what you can change with your workouts.

WEEK 3:  We work on personal development and self care.

WEEK 4:  We put it all together.

KICK IT is a 90 day intensive program designed for those who are new to living healthy.

MONTH 1:  We prepare you for your journey, experimenting with nutrition, fitness, and personal development.

MONTH 2:  We execute what worked for you in the previous month.

MONTH 3:  You adopt your new lifestyle and create a long term plan for improvement.
Payment Options
Select KISS THIS to purchase the 30-day Jumpstart or KITCK IT to purchase the 90-day Intensive coaching program.  There is a monthly payment option for KICK IT; please contact me for information.
  • Full Payment
  • Full Payment

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